Dan Bayer

headshot_edit_600pxI’m a journalist, photographer, sound engineer and musician living in Greensboro. I’ve written for the Eden Daily News, Carolina Peacemaker and Yes!Weekly and have done sound at the Blind Tiger, Guilford College, Greensboro Recording Collective, Flatiron, Green Bean, Fireflies Festival, Heavy Rebel Weekender, Dotmatrix Project, Summer Solstice and Elvisfest. My singing and bass playing can be heard on the Raving Knave’s 2011 CD “Love in the Atom Age” and Boxcar Bertha’s 2005 CD “Guilty County Stomp.” I’ve also played with Empire for Rent, Sugercoma, and D.B. Cooper and the Hijackers.

I work well in organic collaborative settings – bands, small teams, ad hoc groups – and enjoy working on local projects that push things in a fresh direction, such as the Dotmatrix  Project and the Greensboro Community Arts Collective. I’m great at getting things done with a remarkably small amount of resources.

Specialties: Live and recorded sound, sports photography, lyrics and songwriting, promotion, writing and editing articles.